My artwork—which includes paintings on cloth and wood panel , and art quilts—is inspired by my interest in natural history, geology, paleontology, maps, landscape, cosmography and patterning. Some of the imagery includes paintings of fossils, topographical views, rivers, planets, constellations, insects, birds, leaves and other vegetation, sky (and star) maps and landscapes.

Some of the pieces are based on specific locations, and depict carefully researched flora, fauna and landforms of a region. I often use aerial views, maps of geological deposits and geological formations as a basis for images, contours and patterns. In other pieces, I intermingle lifeforms that existed at different times, alter the relative sizes of various plants, animals and landforms, as well as include multiple points of view. Recent pieces have been inspired by music and combine images of musical instruments and other manmade objects with images from natural history.

The art quilts are made of hand-painted fabric. Each image, background and pattern is painted on unbleached muslin, using acrylic paint thinned to the consistency of a dye or stain. Some are whole-cloth quilts. Others include small detailed hand-painted pieces that are sewn together.